Thursday, October 2, 2008

ripper workout week 4

week 3 is done, and man was it a bitch! but still not hard enough that i want to say "F" it and chug down a vinny pie and a case of bass (that will come 8 weeks from now...).

week 3's biggest pain in the ass, was going from jumping as high in the air as you can 15 times in a row, and right into a one legged push-up! 3 sets of those, and if that wasn't enough... squatting with one leg at a time! the res of the exercises were all pretty much the same as the first 2 weeks. but, this has really been the only week so far that has gotten easier with each workout!

week 4 looks like this, lunges, push-ups, rows, ab bicycles, squats push ups with band resistance, chin-ups, etc... ugh! the hardest part was obviously the chin-up!

no need for paco to help us out on this one... everything else was pretty cut and dry. so 2 more weeks and i disclose where i got this workout from... because everything seems to be working fine (knock on wood...). i'm actually gaining muscle!

so the next workout will be saturday, then tuesday because of a few hockey games here and there!

sorry for the half-assed report, but work has been kicking my ass and there's very little time to update this blog! no biggie though. have a great week!

Friday, September 19, 2008

all caught up!

welp, i finally caught up to week 3 of the ripper workout! i will be starting week 3 tomorrow, and giving a full first day recap on monday! so stay tuned!!! time to step my game up a little bit. i have been riding my bike into work 3 out of 4 days (which i will blog about later)... but i haven't really gotten into the running part of the workout. have a great weekend everybody!

NFL Week 3

AFC East:
N.E.: see??? still the team to beat... and JUST the team to beat up on MIA... although... MIA will win. just watch...
NYJ: still sucks. but, fav-re on monday night? interesting... SD 0-3.
MIA: ...just watch
BUF: oakland is a comin'... basically, have fun! OAK is poop

AFC North:
PIT: scared... especially after that monday nighter. so just how good are the super steelers. first test (of many...).
CLE: @ BAL... power shift in the afc norzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
CIN: ouch, @ NYG
BAL: game of the week??? pfff! is the nfl really this boring?!?!

AFC South: SUCKS! i'm not writing about these teams...

AFC West: SUCKS! not worth my time! except for denver...
DEN: just beat NO and shut them up... thanks!

NFC East:

NFC North: SUCKS! GB is the only one that WOULD be worth it... but face it, rodgers is BORING!

NFC South: just win it please CAR...

NFC West: ASS!

OK, i'm already tired of the NFL... except for the steelers!

Friday, September 12, 2008

...THAT'S why i love hockey!

from cnn/sports illustrated:

Friday, 10:27 a.m.
First, Felicia Young spoke up for her son Vince, the Titans QB. Now comes Christine Johnson, mother of Larry, the Chiefs RB, courtesy of
"He's not mad at the world. People have thought that and I just think he's misunderstood. He's not mad. He's just guarded sometimes and he also has a great passion for football. That passion can be misunderstood. He just has a different personality."
Thursday, 11:58 p.m.
A Nashville resident has organized a prayer for Vince Young.
Earl Jordan, with the group Partners in the Struggle, is organizing a prayer rally for Young Friday night, according to WKRN Nashville. The rally will be held in Metro Center, on the corner of Rosa Parks Boulevard and Mainstream Drive.

are you F'ING KIDDING ME?!?! WHY ARE PEOPLE SO G.D. SENSITIVE THESE DAYS! you want to give vince young something??? give him a set of BALLS for pete's sake! this is the NFL!!! no wonder i'm a hockey first person! holy crap! my head is spinning right now! did young struggle before or after his signing bonus? i forget? or did his struggles start when he won a national championship and made more money in college than i'll make in years! and as for you larry johnson, or larry johnson's mom... why do YOU have a voice in the media? cant baby boy take care of himself? that's 6'1" 230lb larry johnson!!! you too vince young... i'm just too tired to look up your stats! UGH!!! AND DOUBLE UGH! gee... i CANT WAIT to pay $75+ to watch you guys play! and yes, NFL, i WILL be tailgating... and i WILL be drunk (don't EVEN get me started)! grow a "pair" people! F$%K!

Thursday, September 11, 2008



other words, especially from me, just wouldn't do it justice...

the least we can all do is keep it in our thoughts, and maybe say a prayer or two.

ummm... duh?

kanye... i know those photog's are a pain in the ass... but, you had an "altercation"??? at an airport??? on 9/11???

way to think that one through! tool...


new england is STILL good! brady or no brady

...and this coming from a die-hard steelers fan...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ripper workout week 2... again

same crap as the first time around, but not as sore! just read below...

damn dieting is hard work! so is cardio! started playing hockey and riding my bike into work (in the chilly darkness of 6am) again... so that should help out a lot!

NFL Week 2

PacoNation NFL Notes Week 1:

AFC East:
N.E.: will the media make it a point to talk about brady EVERY DAY for the REST OF THE F'ing SEASON?!?! i feel sorry for whomever plays in the super bowl "the patriots would have been here, if brady didn't get hurt..." ...all-in-all, belicheck has A LOT of filming to do!
NYJ: i don't care what anybody says... favre ALMOST lost to the dolphins... let that sink in... now on to face another backup.
MIA: (NOT clever at all, by the way). have fun out in pittsburgh west. 0-2
BUF: what?!?! i picked SD in my "survivor league"... played real hard... will they play harder or softer in toronto??? what's the exchange rate??? in the meantime, JAC is way warmer than canada any day of the week!

AFC North:
PIT: wow! preseason really doesn't matter, does it? HOU is THAT bad though. thankfully, our next home game is 2 hours north this week! PRIME TIME!
CLE: *cough, cough*
CIN: really??? ocho cinco had uno catches and cero TD's... PIT & CLE will have a fun time this year... lucky you, TEN's qb needs a nappy-time and a hug!
BAL: nice score, but i missed in the highlights... was there ANY quality plays vs. CIN??? i can tell you first hand HOU sucks. have a fun day on D!

AFC South:
IND: ohhh... ouch! O line is important after all, huh? i don't know what to expect... you play MIN
JAC: hurt young's feelings! naughty! BUF, yeah great...
TEN: ha-ha!
HOU: ha-ha, again!

AFC West:
SD: F-OFF! i picked you in my "survivor league"... a-holes! have fun in denver going 0-2!
DEN: impressive! didn't see that coming... not even against OAK! russell is a bum! beat the PEE out of SD! i now officially hate EVERY team other then the steelers!
OAK: seriously? high pick a comin'... at least it's KC this week... OAK @ KC=power shift in the AFC this week!
KC: same thing above, basically...

NFC East:
DAL: wont even mention last week... vs. PHI on monday night? very interesting!
NYG: how do you spell BYE WEEK this week: R-A-M-S!
PHI: DAL on mon. night... nice!
WAS: cooley clearly drafted the wrong people for his fantasy league... at least you don't have to go to that puddle that is NO

NFC North:
MIN: don't quite know what to think yet...
GB: favre sucked in domes, lets see how rodgers does... DET still sucks though...
DET: just beat rodgers please
CHI: wow, again! didn't see that coming vs IND! delhomme is a beast though...

NFC South:
CAR: really?!?! last second?!?! see CHI
TB: don't really care... ATL and the second coming of joe montana this week
NO: still soft... have fun in WAS
ATL: see TB

NFC West:
SEA: BUF. enough said. what tricks will SF use to beat you?
STL: bye week for somebody... oh... NYG. whatever
ARI: pittsburgh west! vs. MIA. boring...
SF: it really is amazing how boring the NFC North, South, and East always is...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

ripper workout week 1... again

started back up again last night! awesome workout, but probably could have used a little more weight. for a complete review of the first week workout, read the previous post.

last night though, i wasn't quite as sore as the first time! and it isn't quite as hard the second time in 3 weeks. but looking forward to really pushing it in the next workout (saturday morning). also, looking forward to running tonight (cant believe i just typed that sentence!). so, all is well and back on track!